The One with the Box

Just in case you were wondering, boxes really do make the best toys! These guys have been playing non-stop with this one.

And just because I think they are funny, here are some of Talan's recent quotes:

He was playing with his friend Jhett in the other room when Jhett asked Talan where his dad worked. Talan didn't even hesitate when he replied, "At the zoo."

He walked into my bathroom, saw my hair that had shed on the floor, and asked me if I was going to become a bald eagle.

He woke up in the middle of the night and was very upset. He told us that he was worried about Tatey because I "put fire on her." He must have had a bad dream that I started Tatum on fire because she was climbing on the chair again (she HAD gotten in trouble a couple of times that day for climbing on things). Poor guy, he thought that it really happened. I guess he really does care about his sister!


Life as a Greenstreet said...

At the zoo- LOL

We need one of those boxes- I shouldn've kept a couple big moving boxes- out kids played with them constantly!

Bryan Hays said...
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Bryan Hays said...

I love Tatum! Of course miracle baby would be at the pinacle of the box trying to ride it like a surfboard. You should let her try skiing the next time you go to rosevelt.

{larissa} said...

I'm really not comfortable with the safety implications of this post. I'll be consulting dennis

Corri Havlicek said...

Hands down...boxes are the best!