The One with the New Tricks

It has been a busy couple of weeks as we have been learning a few new tricks.

Talan went to swimming lessons for the first time and did great!

It helped that one of his best friends (Austin) was in his class.

By the end he was able to pass off most of the skills.

Tatum has also been learning a few new tricks of her own.

She started walking one week after her birthday!

And hasn't slowed down since!

Steve and I aren't nearly as exciting as those two, although I did start the P90X workout. I love it so far! Also, I was given the chance to go back to teaching this school year, but we decided it would be best for the kids for me to stay home again. I am grateful for the opportunity that I have to be at home with them, even though I am a little sad during this time of the year (I always loved getting ready for a new school year). I wish I had something exciting to say about Steve but I don't. He has just been busy working to get everything ready for the new school year, and then working some more for his business, Henling Tech. And to top it all off, his best friend Bryan is moving away to Pittsburgh. Steve and Bryan have been friends since they were only months old and have never lived far apart from each other. We are going to miss Bryan, Jamie, and Petey so much, but it's a great excuse to go to Ohio. My grandma happens to live 45 minutes away from Pittsburgh. And maybe, just maybe, we can go watch an Ohio State football game!


larissa said...

it's almost too hard to look at your dang posts. those are my kids you are writing about. well either way I'm super happy she's walking. I knew it was anyday. Talan looks like he's about old enough to get his drivers license. criminey. well just don't let him forget his creepy and random foreign aunt in a really far away place. we're waiting for you to go out on a loop and come see us by the way.

The Giles Files said...

I can't believe how much hair she has! What'd ya do, sprinkle some miracle grow on it? Could use some tips, because I would love for Hannah to have some hair like that! :)

Oh and the fishies getting sick thing was too cute!

Jamie said...

So, you almost made bryan cry with that post! He is so sad to leave Steve... (and you) I think the Ohio State game is a GREAT idea!

Lani said...

Ohio State sux!!!