The One with Tatum's First Year

When Tatum was born a year ago we got more than we bargained for.

We thought for sure she was going to be a boy so when the doctor announced, "It's a girl!" we were shocked, but happy. We figured that at least a girl would be a little more calm and less busy than a certain little boy that we know. Not so. Tatum does not sit still. Ever. She can escape from any seat belt, such as in the highchair, wagon, and outside swing, and she is always climbing onto something.

We also gave her the name Tatum, but have only called her that maybe three times. Instead, she goes by Tater Tot, Tater, Tatey, Potato, Potato Salad, Sweet Potato, Mashed Potato, Potato Chips, Baked Potato, Tot, Cutey McPretty, Busy Tammy, Air Horn or the name from Bryan, Miracle Baby. What ever you call her, we sure do love her.

Happy 1st Birthday, Tatum!

We had a family party complete with ladybug cupcakes and lots of neat presents.

And you can't forget the token El Rancho birthday picture.


The Giles Files said...

Wow, a year already? Even if she is into everything and never sits still, at least she's cute doing it. :)

LOVE the ladybug cupcakes...so cute.

Jamie said...

Yea! Tatum! She is sooo cute! I am glad she isn't a 'boring' girl... she will keep up with all her boys just fine!

larissa said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh I already wish I was there so bad. the cupcakes are cute. let me guess.... martha of the house made them

Corri Havlicek said...

I had no idea that Tatum and Anna have the same birthday! Just a year apart...