The One with JARS' Wedding

Larissa (aka Lars) + Jason = JARS

So JARS finally tied the knot. It was a beautiful wedding in the Snowflake Temple.

Christie, Moni, and I were the bridesmaids. We got to wear turquoise jewelry!

The nieces and nephews were the flower girls and ring bearers.

They behaved really well at the temple.

We had so much fun with the family. It is awesome to know that families can be together forever!

Now, JARS are moving to New Zealand. We sure are going to miss them. And I know Larissa is going to miss beautiful Arizona.


larissa said...

yes, JARS will be missing Arizona but mostly missing you guys.
come see us soon. the beach is calling your name.

love always,

Life as a Greenstreet said...

Love the pictures- the little girls dresses are so cute! If you go to New Zealand you should come home with enough frequent flyer miles to come visit me, for free! Just in case you want to take a 15 (?) hour plane ride with your kids.
As a side note...we're still thinking Disney after Thanksgiving. Doesn't it sound fun? Don't you want to come????

Paige said...

Those pictures are fantastic! I LOVE her colors! Very cute!

andrea said...

How exciting! They are such a cute couple.