The One with the Haircut

Tatum has always been blessed with a nice, full head of hair.

Which is why when Steve and I walked into the playroom it was all we could do to keep from laughing when we saw:

1) Talan holding a pair of his safety kid scissors

2) Chunks of Tatum's hair on the floor


3) Tatum smiling up at Talan

Talan informed us he had given Tatum a fauxhawk.

For most 10 month old girls, this might be considered a tragedy. Luckily for Tatum you can hardly notice that 4 large chunks of hair are missing.


Life as a Greenstreet said...

Maybe I should have let Emma cut Andrew's hair....so amazing what the younger will do for their big sibling. I would have laughed too!

larissa said...

love it

andrea said...

Brandon gave Whit her first haircut, too. Silly boys.

Susie and Josh said...

how cute is that. I love it! Good to know my kids aren't the only ones being mischievous.

Mollie Lawrence said...

good one brooke:) Girls don't need fawhawks:) I'd laughed too:)

Criddle said...

lol oh that is hilarious! the other day I caught Staisha trying to cut her own hair with Sari's scrapbooking scissors! Kids!

Jamie said...

that is too funny... looks like Petey got him started with the scissor thing last week when Talan was practicing on him!!! Ha!