The One with the Love

I love that Talan says things like "Keep it down" to barking dogs.
I love that he asks to eat at "Rancho".
I don't love that he wipes boogers on his wall.

I love that Steve took Talan to his first father & son's campout.
I love that he got to roast marshmallows, ride 4-wheelers, and sleep in a tent.
I don't love that Steve didn't take any pictures at the campout (although I'm not surprised).

I love that Tatum took her first step.
I love that she always looks for Talan in his room when he is gone.
I don't love that someone asked me what it was like to have a girl that looks so much like a boy.

I love that Tatum's first word was mama.
I love that she waves hi & bye.
I don't love that she wants to do everything, but can't be trusted to do anything.

I love that Henling Tech Consulting is sponsoring a co-ed softball team this summer.
I love that Talan and Tatum's grandparents will do anything for them.
I don't love that all of Talan and Tatum's aunts are going to be gone this summer.


Corie Green said...

Such a cute post! Greg didn't take pictures either. :S

Michelle said...

I can't believe someone would say that about Tatum. She is so cute. Her smile just cracks me up.

Shandi said...

Really Tatum is the cutest little GIRL! ever. Scott didn't take pictures of the campout either. oh well what can you do. Oh and I am really excited to play softball!!!

larissa said...

I'm actually going to be adopting timmy and tammy on July 11. You may want to start packing their suitcases.
by the way, I'm pretty sure this is your best blog post yet.
keep up the good work.

andrea said...

That pic of Tatum climbing the "stairs" on her walker is SOOO my life right now. Caroline is an obsessive climber, too. Danger! DANGER! Whit broke her arm at this age from falling off the couch. I'm hoping to not repeat that injury.

I'm so jealous of the softball team! I totally miss it! One of these summers I've got to sign myself up.

Jamie said...

I love this post. I love how you are so creative with your blog. I don't love how someone thinks tatum is a boy. I think you should have asked them how they were dealing with being so ugly all their life!

Life as a Greenstreet said...

Don't you love that stage when you can't even pee cause they'll fall on their heads? The campout sounds so cute and fun...we would be excluded because we don't own ANYTHING for such an activity.
Tatum is beautiful and you should have punched that person in the mouth. People asked me if Emma was a boy until she had a head full of curly hair (15 months?)
Love the post.

The Giles Files said...

What a beautiful post! I LOVE it! By the way, your gorgeous little girl with amazingly bright eyes in no way looks like a boy. Really?!? Why would somebody say that?

crew-of-henling said...

Sounds like such a fun week! Tatum is such a cutie, such beautiful little girl, by the way & Talan camping w/ Dad, how fun is that? They are growing up SO fast, aren't they?! Their cousins LOVE looking at this, especially on days they demand immediate playdates with them!

Christie Bratt said...

so i have to know who said tatum looked like a boy

Corri Havlicek said...

Everybody says "Hi, little guy" to Anna whenever we go anywhere. Ken is like "DO YOU THINK I DRESS MY SON IN PINK! HELLO!" It's very amusing.
I liked this post alot and I love it all too.

ssjace16 said...

I can't tell if your glass is half full or half empty

Susie and Josh said...

What a very cute post! I love to read your blog! Happy Anniversary! Your kids are beautiful, and your little girl does not look like a boy at all! Some people don't think before they speak! Hope to see ya at spin again. :)

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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