The One with the Rule

We have a strict rule in our house: Do not eat anything that is diet, fat-free, sugar-free, light, etc...These things taste like crap. We believe that if you are going to eat something, you might as well make the most of it and eat the real thing.

Despite our best efforts, we have somehow ended up with a few of these items in the past couple weeks.

Fat-free half and half. Really?

Sugar-free syrup. Are you serious?

How can you make half and half without fat, and syrup without sugar? Oh yeah, just add cardboard and weird chemicals. Got it.

FYI: Now instead of saying "3 comments" at the end of each post it will say "3 people gave their two cents". This is not meant to be rude. Don't think that we don't value your comments (becasue we do), it's just that whenever we are having a deep and serious conversation, Steve usually says, "Here's my two cents..." at least a couple times. I love it because it always means something good is about to be said.


Life as a Greenstreet said...

Hilarious....although I enjoy low fat mayo, diet coke and sugar free fudgcicles...and my kids eat sugar free popcicles all the time- but don't tell them they don't know.
I can see how two skinny skinnersons would have such a rule though!

Jamie said...

I agree with you. There is no point in eating fake stuff. Just enjoy your food and at least you know what it is made of... yummy REAL sugar and Fats!!!
By the way, I missed you this weekend Kim! It was lonely at your house with just the boys!

larissa said...

he gives his 10 cents not 2 cents. come on now.
props on the new blog.

Corri Havlicek said...

I agree, full fat and calories all the way! Unfortunately, I could probably use a little more fat-free at my house...LOL!