The One with the Opposite Attraction

They always say opposites attract. Although Steve and I have tons in common, we are finding out more and more that this is true.

In honor of Steve's 28th birthday, here are some of our opposites:

Steve makes money.
I spend money.

Steve eats the middle of a pan of brownies.
I eat the edges.

Steve is willing.
I am stubborn.

Steve eats slow, savoring every bite.
I eat fast, inhaling every bite.

Steve is an optimist.
I am a pessimist.

Steve loves meat.
I love pasta/bread.

Steve is good at math.
I is good at grammar.

Steve gets up early.
I could sleep in all day long.

Steve is laid-back.
I am stressed out.

Steve prefers Fords, but drives a Chevy.
I prefer Chevys, but drive a Ford.

Steve falls asleep the nanosecond his head hits the pillow.
I toss and turn for hours.

Steve is a fun-loving husband and dad.
I am a nagging wife and mom.

Happy Birthday Steve! Can't wait to find out even more opposites in the future.

Speaking of opposites, check out these two.


DriftSlut69 said...

i'm pretty sure this is the cutest thing i've ever read.

lindalou said...

He doesn't look so happy about having his picture taken.

The Brimhall's said...

Your little girl is beautiful! Just look at those blue eyes. Cute post, I must say we are very similar.

Life as a Greenstreet said...

Love love love the picture. I love the list too! I will also add another opposite to your list- you drink water. Steve? Not so much.

Happy Birthday, Steve!

larissa said...

now that's cute. not that I know anything about anything, but I'm pretty sure that's how relationships function best... opposite strengths and weaknesses. It's a wonderful and challenging mystery.
I look forward to those same funny things

The Moss Family said...

Kim you are too funny!!!! I have to agree with Steve on one important thing, The middle of the brownie is way better than the edge!!!!! But I love to spend the money too.

Jamie said...

Ha. That is awesome. Good list! I loved it. And that picture is so funny. Happy bday steve! (the thing that is funny is that with 'opposites' I think that Bryan is like you with the brownie thing, and a couple others... its a good thing steve married you and not bryan... he he he...

Mollie Lawrence said...

Too cute. Love the pictures & the blog. Opposites reminder for the 28th b day. I can't believe that Matt's going to be 28 this year! CRAZY!