The One with the Sickos

If it's not one thing, it's another. The kids are finally over their colds but now it's Steve's turn. For the first time since I have known him in 12 years he had to go to the doctor. Turns out he has walking pneumonia. He is on some really powerful antibiotics and seems to be feeling better already.

This was overheard at our house this week:

Talan has eczema on his legs so I told him we would get him some medicine for his owies. He replied, "Yeah, I have owies cause a guy shoot me". Um, maybe he shouldn't watch Steve play Xbox anymore.

Steve was trying to spell Michael, and spelled it M-i-k-l-e.

I was calculating how much money $10 a week for the next year would be and came up with $50. So about 50 weeks in a year times 10 is NOT 50? Oh yeah, it's 500.

Lets hope our children don't get their dad's spelling skills and their mom's math skills.


Life as a Greenstreet said...

Aren't there 52 weeks in a year? And, Talan's answer is hilarious. Good stuff.

Stephanie said...

Too cute! Tim swears that Winslow High School doesn't teach math, the kids in his class (jrs & seniors) don't even know fractions.

Corri Havlicek said...

I can't keep my girls well at all. They have had non-stop colds! I give up. I've decided to quit cleaning, lysoling, and disinfecting and just let my house go. OK, I'm kidding, but all the cleaning doesn't seem to help the colds. Thanks for the broccoli soup recipe! I bought a big ole bag o' broccoli at Sam's Club and was wanting a recipe.