The One with the Stalker

I finally convinced Steve that we needed to go to Scottsdale because that's where the Ohio State football team was staying and practicing for the Fiesta Bowl. Once we got to our hotel we realized it was right across the street from the resort that they were staying in!! How lucky was that? We didn't even plan it because we got it off of Priceline! We went to their resort to look around and as we pulled up there were four huge buses at the curb with their engines running.I knew something good was about to happen. Sure enough, all of the players and coaches started coming out of their rooms and loading onto the buses!

We got out and walked around with them all. It was incredible! I was too starstruck to take many pictures, plus I didn't want to get in trouble by the security guards, so the pictures don't do the moment justice. But, we're pretty sure this is one of Terrelle Pryor from behind!

We also got to see the field where they practice, and there was a parade and a pep rally. Too bad I am not going to the game, but I am holding out because I would rather see them play at the Shoe someday.

Oh, and they didn't even have to get a restraining order against me. Steve made sure of that.


Jamie said...

You crack me up. I can't believe your good luck! That would never happen to me... (not that I would really care too much about Ohio state- no offense- but things never work out that way for me! Way to go!!!

Kalli said...

Dang kimmie!!! That was pretty fun when we got out of the car and saw all the players and the security guys on their wheel chair wheely stand up things, i love when you come visit me in phoenix

Corri Havlicek said...

Who is Terrelle Pryor?

Corri Havlicek said...

And what and where is the Shoe?

{kim} said...

Terrelle Pryor is the true freshman quarterback who is AWESOME, and the Shoe is the name of the stadium where OSU plays in Columbus. It is shaped like a horseshoe!