The One with the Crazy Dancer

We were all dressed up for cousin Jeremy's wedding (congratulations Jeremy and Morgan!) so we figured we would take advantage and get a picture together. As Larissa tried to take the picture, Talan could not resist dancing and jumping around trying to get into it.

"Just Dance" (make sure your volume is turned up!)

the happy couple

daddy's girl

Ray, Kasey, Luke, and Josh

Elise and Tatum


Jamie said...

Cute! I am technology retarded. I have no idea how to put videos on my blog... do you record them w/ the video camera? or your reg. camera? or cell phone???
Anyway, I love Talans dance moves!!!

Corie Green said...

Ha Ha! Man Talan was Jammin! lol

Corri Havlicek said...

WooHoo! Shake it Talan!

Life as a Greenstreet said...

love the moves and the fancy outfit Talan. Steve in a suit? What the heck is happening? He didn't even wear a suit to the temple when you got sealed! Looks like you had fun.

larissa said...

thanks for pimping my blog.
and mostly thanks for posting the video of your nerdy son.

Christie Bratt said...

oh are those melmo undies?