The One with the Meat Sweats

Steve's parents just got back from visiting Ray and Kasey in Austin and brought back the most wonderful gift for us...brisket from Rudy's! Rudy's is our favorite BBQ restaurant/gas station in Texas. Yes, you read that right. A gas station with a BBQ restaurant in the back. The first time Ray and Kasey took us there I was a little leery of eating it, but by the second and third time I was hooked. However, it was love at first bite for Steve and he eats it by the pound. Even Talan isn't too far behind him. They eat so much brisket that we joke about "meat sweats" afterwards. Who knows, maybe Steve will actually gain a pound?
If you are ever in Texas or Albuquerque, you HAVE to eat at Rudy's. Get the lean brisket and creamed corn. Mmmm good!


The Giles Files said...

mmmmm...brisket...must resist...sounds good. heck, if it's blog-worthy, it must be good.

How's Kasey doing by the way? I haven't seen her in ages. How cool is it to have a sister-in-law that you actually like :) (not that I don't like my sister-in-laws...haha)

Life as a Greenstreet said...

Alright I'll try the brisken...but I'm NOT eating creamed corn.

Anonymous said...

We had so much fun calling ya'lls house after taking the kids & their Grandparent's to Rudy's to say we missed having you with us....knowing that 4 or 5 pounds of brisket was currently being frozen for 48+ hours... so it could easily make the flight home to you guys there!! Glad you all got to enjoy it!! It was fun for all of us, too!!

Barker said...

did you know about this? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1078588/