The One with Lots of Poop

Tatum is 3 months old, which is weird cause I feel like we have had her forever.
-Her weight gain has finally slowed down a little so she is not quite as huge. Well, her chin is still pretty big.
-Man, this girl can sleep! She has been sleeping through the night since seven weeks and still takes a LONG morning nap.
-If I had to describe her in one word...mellow. And, cuddly. Alright, that was two words.
-She goes long periods of time without pooping, and then lets it all out at once. It's especially fun when we are traveling and have to clean her up in my car at a gas station. (WARNING: REALLY GROSS PICTURE...)

Here's an update on the rest of us.

I am really starting to like this toddler stage. Talan does something to crack us up every day. Here is an example: He has always been really easy to put to sleep (no sit-of-shame for us, sorry Brooke). We say prayers, kiss goodnight, and walk out the door. The other night though, we heard strange noises coming from his room but didn't go in right away. Finally, Steve walked in to find all of the clothes from his dresser and everything from his cloest scattered throughout the room. And in the middle of all that there was Talan swinging around a pool noodle (used under his sheet to keep him from rolling out of bed). Apparently he was trying to knock things off his dresser. We couldn't be mad, it was too funny!

Steve has the strongest work ethic of anyone I know. He goes to work all day, and I might add that everyone in the school district relies on him to do their jobs so he is always busy. Then, he comes home and does work for his business. The other night he was on a computer job until 2 am! On top of that, he is always fixing things around the house. His latest project was our glass brick shower that was rusting. He knocked it all down, and then built it back up again so it looks awesome now! Thanks Steve! Oh, and he put a bid in to do the computer work for the City of Winslow. Wish him luck!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I just ran in a 10k for it while my parents walked. I have to say my mom rocks! She has been cancer free for over a year now. That was my third 10k in five weeks but I think I am going to have to slow down my running because of an IT band injury. Anyone know anything about those? Oh, what I would give to be young again...

Wow, that was a long post! I just have to say that I really enjoy reading everyone's blogs. It's so fun to keep up with you all!


Lebanites said...

I miss those breastfed poops.

Stephanie said...

That is such a funny/gross picture! My mom substituted Ms Nagel's class the other day and the kids were complaining about getting those fake babies in a few weeks....They don't even (won't even) know the half of what a REAL baby is like!

andrea said...

Ewwww....I just threw up a little bit in my mouth when I saw that pic. Nasty. And I thought Caroline's messy diapers were bad. :)

Three 10K's in five weeks? You're amazing! So glad to hear your mom has been cancer free for over a year now. Yay! Tell her HI for me when you get a chance.

Life as a Greenstreet said...

Oh my gosh! Mike and I both laughed our heads off. Hilarious, gross....being a parent rocks! In our wildest imagination I bet we never knew it would involve so much poop, right? Can't wait to meet her again. Maybe if you slow down enough on running I'll be able to catch you. I ran a 10 minute mile....just one though, not a whole 10k of them.

Lani said...

Oh my heck, Ady used to do the same thing. It would be exactly a week and I would just know it was coming. Do we really live in the same town...I never see you. Maybe I'll see you running by sometime :). I'll be the one walking, and panting :). Oh yes, to be young again.

Corri Havlicek said...

LOVE the poop picture! She'll cringe when you show it to her in about 16 years!
And Petra, what exactly do you mean when you say "YUM!" to baby poop? LOL!

The Moss Family said...

Eewwww!!! that is a great picture. I too want to know why on earth Petra woudl say yum to poop!!
You did awesome in the run, much faster than me!! Susie and I are going to try and start running in the mornings again, let me know if you want to be a early bird with us.

larissa said...

mark your calendar... I'm coming home and we're running every 10K we can possibly find.

Barker said...

AWESOME, that picture makes me so excited for next summer. :)

Nice update! xoxo