The One with Farmer Steve

Steve is great at growing things. We have an awesome garden with gigantic sunflowers, and lots of food like squash, corn, onions, asparagus, peppers, and yummy cherry tomatoes. Not only is he good at growing a garden, but he is also good at growing kids. Talan has grown an inch in two months, is learning new things every day, and is definitely trying his parents with his "terrible twos." Tatum is already a month old and has gained quite a few pounds. At her two week check-up, the doctor decided she didn't need to come in for a one month check-up because "she's already gained enough weight for a one-month old." She is a chubby baby like her brother was. Talan definitely loves his sister, maybe a little too much. He is always trying to smother her with kisses and it makes her so angry!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Even her arms are chubby already! That's awesome. You guys have the greatest back yard ever. My kids are never going to come in the house when we visit you.

Anonymous said...

What amazing sunflowers! What are you feeding them? Must be all the squash juice from last year...wasn't that what was in that particular bed. The kids are DEFINITELY siblings! We love your website. We miss you guys..coming to PA anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

You were kidding about the sunflowers! I can't believe how much hair she has! And even when she's p.o.'d., she's still adorable :)