The One with the Fauxhawk

Talan has a fauxhawk (a mini mohawk)! Aunt Rissa suggested that we give him this new hairstyle that is popular in New Zealand. I think he looks pretty cute, don't you?? And yes, I'm STILL pregnant. Ughhh. I was really hoping to have the baby by now. Isn't it ironic? I have been worried this whole pregnancy about going into pre-term labor, and now that I have made it to full term I can't evict this baby for anything! Anyone have any tips for getting labor started?


Anonymous said...

We had a blast getting to see all of your pictures & what you are all up to & just love your awesome blog! We are still keeping our bet down on the 24th...hmmm labor-tips... we've heard of the castor oil tip is very effective, too, just pick this Thursday - the 24th! Keep us posted, we can't wait to see all of you and meet the baby!! Between Kim & I and the last 4 years of total pregnancies, this next summer, we may catch a break, so let's plan on a Padre Trip in May or June for sure!!

Anonymous said...

Love the haircut! Sorry no tips for starting labor. I can't manage to stay pregnant long enough for that however a friend of mine had a baby about 3 weeks ago and Castor Oil started her labor....it's apparently gross, but she was ready to be done. Don't have the baby tonight, I want to call you this weekend to chat....have her after that.

Anonymous said...

I've always counted on the old trick passed down through gypsies crossing the plains of India.... As told by the gypsies, if you sprinkle salt on your head, and eat candle wax for a solid minute your labor will come by the next sundown.